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Golden Corals srl founded in the 1994, tanks to young entrepreneur Pietro Di Matteo. “The traditions are renewed to not lose them“. Golden Corals srl moves their ideas of this concept.
The company has been establish down of Vesuvios, in Torre Del Greco, not farway from Naples. A town where a delicate manual workmanship were able to show, in all the world, the excellence of the gold art.
Golden Corals srl follow the traditions of handmade even when, they made a singular craft, with elegant, modernity and unique contemporaneus design.



We are attending the following Fairs:


- Il Tarì (Marcianiste, CE)
- Vicenza (First, Choice, Charm)
- Madrid
- Taormina (Sicilia Oro)
- Arezzo (Oro Arezzo)
- Milano (MACEF)


For informations: fiere@goldencorals.com

closeGOLDEN CORALS s.r.l.
Via Tironi, 12
80059 Torre del Greco (Naples) - ITALY

Tel. +39 0818824201 / Fax. +39 0818820747
mobile: +39 335409763 (Pietro Di Matteo)
email: goldencorals@goldencorals.com

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